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Cancer has rule over the stomach, diaphragm, mamma, upper lobes of the liver, thoracic duct, the pancreas, gastric vein, and the serum of the blood.

Cancer people are apt to do the opposite from that which they are advised to do. They are also full of suspicion, and on account of lack of faith in others they are difficult to reach; but when their faith has once been established, they are most loyal and ready to cooperate. A little praise or appreciation will often win them over. They are unduly sensitive, and when hurt do not forget it readily. When the sun is in this watery sign, the native has more vitality than when it is rising, for the sun is the giver of life and energy.

Career:The afflictions which may be classed under the sign of Cancer are indigestion, hiccough, and sclerosis. Cancer people are very fond of food and are usually hearty eaters. Consequently they are often afflicted with diseases which originate in wrong diet; especially do we find this so with the people have Saturn in Cancer.

Color: Favorable color is White.

Lucky Numbers: Lucky numbers are 2, 11 and 29.


29th January 2017 to 04th February 2017:

Your voice will take you to next level during the week.

Favourable Dates: 02

05th February 2017 to 11th February 2017:

Misunderstanding among couple is seen during the week.

Favourable Dates: 11

12th February 2017 to 18th February 2017:

Health issue related to knee and bones are seen.

Favourable Dates: 18

19th February 2017 to 25th February 2017:

Long distant traveling will be fruitful.

Favourable Dates: 20

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