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Financial Astrology :

"Walt Disney used astrology to pick the best times for launching his multi-million-dollar entertainment projects."

The legendary stock and commodities trader W. D. Gann put astrological principles to work when he made astonishingly accurate market forecasts."
Billionaire J P Morgan consulted with astrologer Evangeline Adams in timing some of his most important business and investment moves. Adams noted that "J. Pierpont Morgan, the world's biggest financier, drove the world before him because he had astrology behind him."

Financial Astrology :

Fundamental analysts use information such as earnings reports, P/E ratios, significant company developments to predict when turning points might occur. These criteria are called Fundamental analysis.Technical analysts, similarly, use price data, mathematical formulas,moving averages, support and resistance levels to determine changes in price trend. How does astrology work in finance? By knowing the historical data for a particular stock, an astrologer can be able to predict accurately.He may go back 10, 15 years or more, into the price history of a stock to determine what astrological influences have caused the stock's price to go up or down. No two stocks are alike; every stock has a different set of influences which determine its ups or downs. Once the influences are identified, they may be applied to the Future movement of the stock. It is also due to the planetary influences on the collective mind of investors, which in turn causes the market to go up or down. The phases of the moon have a powerful effect on mass mood.Astrology is perhaps the only discipline capable of predicting a stock's price movement accurately.It is a little known and less publicised fact that a number of top brokers and analysts regularly employ the services of astrologers in finance to enhance their forecasting ability.

Astrology and stocks are co related. The share market depends upon the influence of the planets. Each and every planet represents particular stock.The planets which represents stocks are
    The planet Sun represents all the Public Sector units and precious metals.

    The planet Moon represents Petroleum,Oil and gas sectors and Shipping industries.

    The planet Mars represents Automobile industry and Pharma sectors.

    The planet Mercury represents Textile sector and FMCG.

    The planet Venus represents Media and sugar sector.

    The planet Jupiter represents Banking sector and Financial sector.

    The planet Saturn represents Metal industry,Telecommunication sector and mining sector.

    The planet Rahu represents media,telecommunication and electrical sectors.

    The planet ketu represents Power and IT sector.

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