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How to Conquer Fear?

 Self sympathy should be plucked off with the terraced cultivation of positive approaches. It is a prerogative factor to strengthen communication skills.Some of the tips for strengthening communication are

a. Listening to interviews.
b. Regular reading of news paper especially the editorial coloumn.
c. Listening to foreign news channels like BBC and CNN.
d. Improvisation of optimistic approaches.
e. De stressing techniques of listening to audio CD on personality skills.
f. Attending live lectures.

More than the communicative skills, body language and eye reading plays a vital role in conquering fears of interactions. What so ever the odd situation may be, a person should be indulged in technical sources/ self employment concepts instead of wasting time with depressive and anti social concepts.

Basically fear is a psychic factor which arises due to frustations and disappointments in endeavours.By getting involved with the same concept, the impact of fear could be removed considerably by facing it boldly. Imagine the concept and get involved in a mental communion, rather enacting the same mentally.

The tag of fear can easily be removed with simple applications of meditation and analysation.





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