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Health & Fitness

        Resting on the milestone of physical tuning fitness modules like cycling, skipping, kneeling, jogging & walking relaxes with you as your intimate friend rather boosts your fitness of physical structure which would make you young and vibrant. Some of the physical fitness modules are

Cycling: Setting apart time during early hours for half an hour slowly and steadlily releaves arthritis and muscular cramps, rejunevates knotted veins. People of fear towards traffic hazards can repeat the pattern clock sie and anti clock wise in standing posture.Further it helps to reduce the bulkiness of calf muscles.

Skipping : It is not an exclusive issude for youth meant for all ages.By the way of skipping entire system is getting tuned up which helps to de stress the compressed thoughts. Further it helps to grow tall especially for short stratured, maintains body index by cutting off bulkiness of calf muscle, massaging the joints.

Kneeling down on the floor :With the padding for knees for half an hour preferably in the morning as well before going to bed helps to relieve the pain of legs as well a warming up to get relieved from the arthritis pulls.With upright posture, it regulates the back pain and the surrounding areas. When this position is combined with meditation, it regulates blood pressure and improves concentration.

Jogging : Mild running before the break of dawn refreshes body and mind, cuts off excess cholesterol, tunes the structure of the body, saves mental packs especially a fine way of de stressing being with nature.can be done in doors too.

Walking : Walking for an hour regularly with swinging movements with measured pace helps a lot in controlling cardiac arrest, diabetes and blood pressure.



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