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Indian Vedic Astrology

The Indian astrology system consist of 27 Nakshatra, in 12 Zodiac signs. Each nakshtra is divided in to four padas and each house or Rasi consist of 9 padas.Pada refers to 1/4 th of a nakshatra.In terms of time duration, each house consist of 30 degree and total 360 degree for 12 houses. The time duration for each house is 800 minutes and 1/4 of a nakshatra is 200 minutes.It is the time taken by the fastest moving planet Moon in each house and nakshatra.The position of all the major planets like Sun, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Venus and Mercury and the two nodal points of Moon i.e Rahu(ascending node of Moon)and Ketu(Descending node of Moon) and their position are marked at the time of birth of a person.

The planets like Pluto, Neptune and Uranus are not recognised by the Indian Astrology. In Indian astrology, Moon is taken as very important planet for predictions. The Moon, at the time of birth is found in a particular star and it will be taken as the star of the person born. This star will be used for finding out the period and sub-periods and sub sub periods of the person in his life.This is known as Dasa Bhukthi prediction.

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