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Wondering about the authenticity of our Astroservices, Homa services, Rudraksha & Gem stones?

Rudraksha of high quality from Nepal are provided by Astrouniverse. As rudraksha are natural seed, the size and picture will be slightly vary from the image shown in the "Rudraksha" page. The Rudraksha will be sent to you within 48 hrs to 96 hrs of payment made.

Gem stones:
Regarding the authenticity of gem stones,we provide good quality tested gem stones.Each stone comes with "Gem Certification" which confirms a natural origin.We do not provide, heated or treated gem stones.Some times if you might not have the same stones which is shown in "Astromall" we would send you the picture of the gem stone before shipping it to you.The gem stones will be sent to you within 48 hrs to 96 hrs of payment made.

Click Here to View Gem Certificate.

Homa and Puja:
Regarding the authenticity of homa and puja services, we can send the puja receipt that is given at the temple.This can be used as the only proof as we can't shoot or photograph the puja being performed at the temple.Some of our clients sent their friends and relatives to check up at the temples where they had ordered a puja and were convinced when they saw that it was well performed in the temple. For homam purpose, this may not be a problem as we can shoot the homam being performed and the video CD is sent to the client along with the prasada.We can assure you that we are focussing long term and our aim is to provide a good quality service to all our valuable clients. Astrouniverse will ship the prasadas of the puja, like sacred ash, kum-kum to you. We use high quality packaging material. We also include the receipt of the payment made in your name from the Temple.Client satisfaction is highly valued at Lastly if for any reasons you feel you are not satisfied with the puja offerings that you received, will refund the entire amount you spent.


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