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Gayatri Homam

More Details about the Homam:
Goddess Gayatri is considered the veda mata, the mother of all Vedas and the consort of the God Brahma.She seats on a red lotus, signifying wealth.The Gayatri mantra by the sage Vishwamitra" is considered the supreme mantra among all.The Baghavad Gita also clearly exalts the Gayatri Mantra is the supreme among mantras. The online pooja for durga can be performed on your behalf.

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  Significance of Our service?
Homam are performed by Sastris who have vast experience in their respective fields. The main aim of performing the Homams is to enrich positive energy in the environment and to nullify the negative elements in the society. It is also a form of remedial measures which has been followed from the ancient times.Homam is like giving dhana to the deities through fire god.Any offer to Fire God, is actually an offer to Sun.
By analysing the native's horoscope, an experienced astrologer can identify the reason for the current problem and the ways to solve the problems.

What is Purva punya and Moksha stana? Many of us are often heard commenting "Why is God so cruel to me"? It is like asking why the examiners awarded low marks to certain students and failed them in the examination. The examiner is not at fault. The student did not work hard enough. Everything depends upon the Punya and Pava(Sin).

Purva punya stana is the 5th house from the lagna.By analysing the purva punya stana, the astrologer can able to identify whether the native had done punya or pava(Sin) in his/her past life.If strong planets and subh planets aspect the 5th house, then it is assumed that the native had done punya in his previous birth.

Moksha stana is the 12th house from the lagna.By analysing the 12th house, one can able to say that whether the native is doing punya or pava(Sin),whether he can attain the Moksha.

What do I get?
The following will be sent as prasada:

  • Sacred ash.
  • Yantra.
  • VCD(if chosen).
When Will I receive my order? If you have placed an order, we will send you a mail within 24 hrs.To know when you will receive the items, you need to know the availability of the items and the shipping time to reach your place. If you select Standard Shipping for U.S. shipments, your shipping time will be 7 to 10 business days, depending on the type of shipping. In general you might receive the items within 8 to 12 days after placing the order.

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