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Maha Sankalpa Homam

In ancient times, it was a tradition of performing the homas on many occasions in a year to purify the inmates, to please Sun, the fire God and Adithis. But in today's fast life, it is very difficult to perform the homas often and only certain people follow the tradition even today even today and are quite successful in life.The "Maha Sankalpa Homa" are performed in a different way where the chakras of the individuals are cleansed and purified and thus their mind, body and soul are energised.

Due to the continuous request of our clients we have started this service from 2011. As we have seen the results of our clients who have performed the homas continuously as per our guidance we are very much sure that this service will help all group of people to fulfill their wishes.

Who should participate:

Students who wants to excel in their studies (like appearing for 10th, +2, IIT, GATE, CAT exams)

Graduates who wants to pursue higher studies like MS, MBA, MD, FRCS.

Business people who are not seeing profit and who want to turn their business into multi billion corporate.

Salary people who want to see exponential growth in their career and

For those who want to create wealth and to see continuous success in their relationship and life.

Sankalpa Homa Package I:

6 homas will be performed in a year.Blessed 0.5 gm of gold coin will be sent for those who participate in the homa. The homas will be performed on

1.Maha Shivaratri

2.Akshaya Tritiya

3.Jupiter Transit

4.Vinayakar Chaturthi

5.Vijayadasami and


The cost of performing six homas in a year is $499 (Rs.34,930).

Maha Sankalpa Homa Package II:

13 homas will be performed in a year. Blessed 1 gm gold coin will be sent for those who participate in the homa. Twelve homas are given below. Additionally one homa will be performed on their birthday in a year.The homas will be performed on

1.Maha Shivaratri

2.Sri Rama Navami

3.Akshaya Tritiya

4.Chitra Poornima

5.Jupiter Transit

6.Varalakshmi Vratha

7.Maha Sankarahara Chaturthi

8.Krishna Jayanthi

9.Vinayakar Chaturthi



12.Transit Homa and

13. On Your Birthday

The cost of performing thirteen homas are $1100 (Rs.77,000).

Maha Sankalpa Homas Package III:

25 homas will be performed in a year. Blessed 2gms of gold coin will be sent for those who participate in the homa. The homas which are mentioned in the Sankalpa Homa II plus homas on Shukla Chaturthi for each month (12 homas) will be performed. The cost of performing twenty five homas is $2100 (Rs.147,000).

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13 homas + 1 gm Gold coin - $1100
25 homas + 2 gms Gold coin - $2100
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