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Medical Astrology:

           Medical astrology is a science of healing art which is the combination of Medicine and astrology.Quite interesting! Yes,using the Medical astrology, a professional astrologer can able to diagnosis what the problem the native face by seeing his natal chart.The natal chart accurately predicts one's personality and one's potential internal conflicts, which can lead to imbalances. Medical Astrology also provides insight into the timing of events and may give us clues as to when problems may begin, or suprass.

For a correct diagnosis of the medial problem accurate birth detail is needed.

In Astrology, Human Body has been divided in to 12 parts and they have been correlated with 12 houses as follows:
  • Head

  • Face, right eye of the male and left eye of the female, mouth, tongue, teeth, Upper food pipe

  • Ears, Lower food pipe, Arms, wind pipe

  • Lungs and Heart

  • Stomach, Spleen, Pancreas, Liver

  • Small Intestine

  • Internal Sexual Organs, Kidneys

  • External Sexual Organs, Large Intestine, Anus

  • Hips, Hip Joints

  • Legs and upper part

  • Legs and lower part

  • Feet, Left eye of the male and right eye of the female

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