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Mudra Therapy

What is Mudra Therapy?

Our body is made of Pancha Boothas (Five elements) and each finger governs one element.Thumb represents Fire element, Index finger represents Air element, Middle finger represents Space, Ring finger represents Earth element and Little finger represents Water element.Imbalance in these five elements causes disease.

Practising this Mudra helps to balance the five elements and maintain our body free of ailments.The Mudras activates the minor chakras in the body there by bringing positive changes in our body. People of age group between 5 and 90 can practice the mudras. It is user friendly as you can use wherever you are and whenever you feel like doing it. But, there are certain rules to be followed before starting the Mudra.

Things to do before starting Mudra Practice:

1.Mudra should be performed with focus and using both the hands.

2.Feet should be touching the ground in whichever position one may sit or sleep.

3.Good ventilation should be there.

4.Doing the mudra in the morning is best.

5.It should not be done immediately after taking food.

6.Pregnant ladies should not do any mudra without the guidance of a Guru.

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