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Music & Astrology

Astrology is based on the mathematic calculations which is considered as one of the most ancient field where as Music is based on the sounds and rhythms.

Where & How do astrology and music link ?

The Answer lies in the fact that they both have "healing effects". In medical astrology,by strengthing the weak planet, one can able to heal the problem.Similarly, in music field, certain ragas has the healing effects.

For Example: Amruthavarshini raga is supposed to bring rain &

Vinodhini Raga has the power of bringing dead man to alive.

In astrology there are twelve zodiac signs similar to twelve swaras (notes) in Carnatic music. The sun and the moon are the most important planets among all in astrology while the two swaras Shadja and Panchama are important in music.

Similarly, the remaining ten swaras are classified in five groups of two each. These swaras are identified with zodiac signs by what is known as the Savya - Apasavya method.

The findings are as follows:

Kanya Rasi (Virgo) - Suddha Rishabha

Tula (Libra) - Chatusruti Rishabha

Vrischika (Scorpio) - Sadharana Gandhara

Dhanus (Sagittarius) - Antara Gandhara

Mithuna (Gemini) - Kakali Nishada

Vrishaba (Taurus) - Kaisika Nishada

Mesha (Aries) - Chatusruti Daivata

Meena (Pisces) - Suddha Daivata

Makara (Capricorn) - Suddha

Kumbha (Aquarius) - Suddha

Kuja (Mars) Sadharana Gandhara,
Chatusruti Daivata 
Budha (Mercury) Suddha Rishabha,
Kakali Nishada 
Guru (Jupiter) Antara Gandhara,
Suddha Daivata 
Sukra (Venus) Chatusruti Rishabha,
Kaisika Nishada 
Sani (Saturn) Suddha Madhyama and
Prati Madhyama 

A deep research on this subject is going on and any updated details will be shared.


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