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Muladhara Chakra:


Muladhara chakra is located near the basal end of the spinal in the vicinity of the coccygeal plexus beneath the sacrumit. It's activation point, is located on the perineum.


The mantra syllable for Muladhara chakra is 'LAM'.Hear the meditation to activate the "Muladhara chakra".

Music by Mr.Anil Nallan Chakravarthy
Video by Mr.Shivakumar

Seat of Kundalini:

In the centre of the square, below the seed syllable, is a deep red inverted triangle. Within this resides the kundalini shakthi, the great spiritual potential, waiting to be aroused and brought back up to the source from which it originated. Brahman. She is represented as a snake wrapped 3 and a half times around a smokey grey lingam.

Muladhara is the base from which the three main psychic channels or nadis emerge: the Ida, Pingala and Sushumna.It is also believed that Muladhara is a subtle abode of the Hindu God, Ganesha. It is well known fact that one who worships Lord Ganesha would easily realise self and be grounded all the time.


Muladhara is considered the 'root' chakra, and is the transcendental basis of physical nature. It is also the seat of kundalini awakening, which begins its ascent here. It is associated with the element of earth, and the sense of smell, and the action of excretion.

Through concentration on muladhara, one is said to attain various siddhis or occult powers.

Association with the body:

The location of Muladhara is at the base of the spine, and it is associated as well with the perineum.The gland which is assoicated with Muladhara is Adrenal gland.


The diseases which might occur due to the imbalance of the Muladhara chakra are skin diseases, muscular and bone diseases, kidney problems, piles, cancer, low vitatlity, blood ailments and back problems.

Alternative names:

The alternative names are Muladhara, Mooladhara, Mula Chakra, Mula Padma.


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