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1. Online Payment Methods through credit cards / Debit cards : : accepts payment through CCAvenue.CCAvenue has been approved as a Super/Master Merchant by Citibank, ICICI Bank, American Express, UTI Bank, IDBI Bank, Centurion Bank and HDFC Bank. This new technology solution allows e-merchants to accept online payment from their customers, via any of the following credit card brands.


�  Indian Customers pay in Indian Rupees:
CCAvenue accepts all Visa and MasterCard. No US $ billing is necessary on any credit card issued in India . Your Indian customer does not have to allocate US$ resources for a CCAvenue transaction, from their BTQ of US$ 5000 sanctioned by the Reserve Bank of India . They are also exempt from paying high and random foreign exchange rates charged by banks for US$ transactions.
�  Customers from outside India pay in their local currency, as billed by their credit card issuing institution.

American Express: The world's favorite card. More than 57 million cards in circulation and growing! Around US $ 123 billion was spent last year through American Express Cards and it is poised to be the world's No. 1 card in the near future. In a regressive US economy last year, the total amount spent on American Express cards rose by 4 percent. American Express cards are especially popular in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Asia and are used widely in the retail and everyday spend categories.
Citibank E-Cards: Citibank has launched a new initiative Citibank eCard to promote safe and secure E-shopping. Like a regular credit card but without a physical plastic, it is India 's first web credit card. The Citibank eCard can be used for all types of Internet shopping and transactions through telephone and mail order. You can also do all transactions available on Internet Banking, including utility bills and ordering a demand draft.
Diners Club International: The world's No. 1 Charge Card. Diners Club cardholders reside all over the world and the Diners Card is an old corporate favorite. There are more than 8 million Diners Club cardholders. They are affluent and are frequent travelers in premier businesses and institutions, including Fortune 500 companies and leading global corporations.
JCB Cards: The JCB Card has a merchant network of 10.93 million spanning 189 countries. It is supported by more than 320 financial institutions worldwide and serves more than 48 million cardholders in 18 countries. The JCB philosophy of "identify the customer's needs and please the customer with Service from the Heart" is paying rich dividends as their customers spend US$43 billion annually on their JCB cards.
MasterCard: MasterCard International is a global payments company with one of the most recognized and respected brands in the world. With 32 million acceptance locations, no payment card is more widely accepted globally than MasterCard. Last year, MasterCard handled transactions worth US$285 billion.

VISA: The world's most preferred card. There are more than one billion cards in circulation, with unsurpassed acceptance in more than 150 countries. Visa-branded cards generate US$2.4 trillion in annual card sales volume. Nearly half of this in US alone.
Online Payment Methods through Net banking : : accepts net banking from Centurion bank, Citi bank, HDFC bank, ICICI epayment,IDBI bank, IndusInd bank, Kotak Mahindra bank, Federal bank, UTI bank.
Centurion Bank Citibank HDFC Bank ICICI ePayments IDBI Bank
IndusInd Bank Kotak Mahindra Bank Oriental Bank Of Commerce Punjab National Bank The Federal Bank
UTI Bank  

2. PayPal�For fast, easy, and secure payments.
PayPal�For fast, easy, and secure payments.
 Visa Mastercard Discover American Express
3. Western Union Money Transfer
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