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Varalakshmi Pooja

Varalakshmi Vratham is an auspicious festival in India celebrated by the married hindu women.It is an auspicious day to perform puja/homa to become rich and prosper in life.This year, Varalakshmi vratham falls on Friday, the 12th of August 2022

"The story behind Varalakshmi vratham:"

Once upon a time Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi were dancing.There was a dispute regarding the winner.Parvathi claimed that she won the dance whereas Lord Shiva claimed he won the dance.So they decided to consult Chitranemi, a gana who can give testimony regarding the winner.

Chitramani confirmed that Lord Shiva won the dance.Goddess Parvathi got angry with the verdict and she accused Chitranemi of lying.Not satisfied with his verdict she cursed Chitranemi to suffer from leprosy and be born on earth. When Lord Shiva pleads for Chitranemi's cause saying he never utters lies and always speaks the truth, Parvathi conceded and offers a remedy. She blesses him that he will be cured of the curse the day celestial apsaras perform Varalakshmi Vratham on the banks of holy waters.

In order to get rid of his curse, he was looking for the celestial apsaras who can perform the "Varalakshmi vratham".One day Chitranemi met a group of celestial apsaras who were performing Varalakshmi Vratha puja.With great devotion he participated in the puja and was cured of leprosy and became a normal person again. Varalakshmi Vratham is so auspicious as she is the one who grants boons. "Vara" means "boon" and Goddess Lakshmi grants all boons.

Since then this "Varalakshmi Vratham" is celebrated in India as a great festival by the married women.People become rich and prosperous by performing this puja which falls on Friday of the Shukla paksha of Sravana month each year.

This year Varalakshmi Puja falls on 12th of August 2022.Astrouniverse performs homa in the morning and special puja at "Ashtalakshmi Temple", Chennai on account of "Varalakshmi vrata". The prasada item includes Varalakshmi puja set with a "Lakshmi Yantra".

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