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 Yoga asana is a division under Raja Yoga method. There are various paths to attain Divinity and they are known as Japa yoga,(Reciting any Mantras), Karma yoga(selfless service) Bakthi yoga(Extreme devotion to the lord), Dhyana yoga(meditation)etc. As laid down by ancient Rishis, one has to follow any one of these paths to attains Divinity. There is a super force in every body and it is known as kundalini sakthi.

This force is above the anus at a distance of about one and half inches. when this force rises and passing the six stages and gets stored at the seventh stage, one gets super natural powers and gets samadhi(a sttage of trance). There are different steps to make the kundalini sakthi to rise.They are as follows:

iYaman: Kindness,Truth,Non-stealing quality.

ii Niyamam: Purity of body and mind.

iii Asana:Pose of the body to give special benefit to the body.

iv Pranayama: Breathing exercise.

v Parthyahara: to withdraw the senses from worldly ties.

vi Dharana: concentration

vii Dhyana:Meditation

viii Samadhi: A state of trance

Asana and Pranayana are the third and fourth steps.Anything can be achieved only when the body is healthy. Sri Krishna has said same, as seen in Gita, "Atma Gnana cannot be achieved by a weak person". Another devotee prays to the Lord,"Give me a life free from disease".

There are many super nerves in our body and they are kown as Nadi. Eda,pingala and Sushumna are the three important among them.The kundalini Sakthi rises only through Sushumna Nadi.


Some of the asanas are:


Ardha Padmasana






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