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Aries horoscope is the first sign of the zodiac. Mars the fiery planet is the lord of the zodiac sign aries. Sun is exalted in aries and Saturn is debilitated. Aries man possess commanding personality. He is also stubborn, ardent and passionate.Aries women are too passionate about their partner than the aries men.They will be interested in arts and music.Aries women are the one who are best suited for business life for their "Never give up" attitude.In general aries people will possess leadership qualities.

Aries men will be aggressive in their attitude which will reflect in their work.Aries men should control their emotions to see things move in a smooth way.They should avoid unnecessary arguements.Their success depends upon how they overcome their anger to win over their rivals.

Aries women will shine well when more responsibilities are forced upon them.The aries people will succeed in public life like politics if they put their heart and soul.

The one factor which the aries sign people lack is not completing a job with a good finishing touch means they will be very aggressive in the beginning but the same kind of aggression will be lacking towards the end. This might be due to the lack of visualising the final picture. The only solution by which the aries people can overcome is by "Thorough Planning".Planning and executing will lead them to success.

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2.Taurus:      Top

Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac. It is an earthy sign. Moon is exalted in Taurus.Venus is the lord of the sign Taurus. Taurus people are good looking, have attractive eyes, proud, determined and practical. They must concentrate on specific activities, without getting disturbed. They are fond of comforts and luxury. They do not get anger easily but when raged they turn violent and furious and will not cool down quickly. They are reliable and good to their friends. They are good at creative works. They will have sound knowledge for fine arts, music, dance and dramas. They should live for mental and spiritual gains rather that the physical.

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3.Gemini:      Top

Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac. It is an airy sign. Mercury is the lord of the sign Gemini. Gemini people think a lot and as a result they need some relaxation to rejuvenate themselves. They can do things more easily than anybody else. They are ravenous in their hunger for knowledge. Though they are effective public speakers, they should avoid shyness to succeed. They must avoid restlessness and stick on to their job. They will travel a lot and are quick witted, clever, inspirational and communicative.

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4.Cancer:      Top

Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac and is a watery sign. Moon is the lord of the sign Cancer. Jupiter is exalted in Cancer while Mars is debilitated. They are emotional, dynamic and highly sensitive. They are sympathetic, imaginative, romantic and kind at heart. The Moon, influences greatly on emotions and change of temperament. Some times they are notorious, short tempered, impatient and severe. They want to be independent in many things. They are highly flexible, but at times nervous and irritable. They are practical and mentally exhibit courage. They are best suited for intellectual discussions. The best quality is that have is tenacity. They never give up in life. They are fond of travels and adventure of voyages to foreign lands. They should not be too sensitive.

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5.Leo:      Top

Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac. It is a fiery sign. Sun is the lord of the sign Leo. Leo people have magnetic personality. They are ambitious, untiring bold, stubborn, firm and lofty minded. They are authoritative, domineering and boastful. Sometimes they lack control over their mind. They struggle hard for distinction, name, fame, and power and wish to live a royal life. They are unmindful of enemies and dislike secretive crooked nature. They gain power by self-confidence. They function well in any responsibility they are placed and are both practical and philosophical. Their disadvantage is that they quickly get disheartened and dejected. The trouble with them is they want to rule everything.

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6.Virgo:      Top

Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac. It is an earthy sign. Mercury is exalted in Virgo. They are sharp, intelligent and are practical. They do not trust others easily and are talented in fine arts and friendly with all irrespective of status. They never tolerate indiscipline. They are restless, sociable but too much snobbish. They are a good observer, and always aware of their surroundings. They are also calculative and expect others to follow their path. They are brisk, business acumen, economical, quick in grasping and retaining. Fond of occult studies, music and mathematics. Rational in thinking, self-pitying, fault finding, are the major characters of their sign. Some times they are called as a taskmaster. They are conservative and pay more attention to comforts and pleasures.

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7.Libra:      Top

It is the seventh sign of the zodiac. It is an airy sign. Sun is debilitated in libra while Saturn is exalted. Venus is the lord of the sign libra. Their symbol is the balance - showing equilibrium of mind. So they can be a good judge to decide the good and bad things in life by proper study and comparison. They will not hurt the feelings of others but comment at times. They are courteous, modest and sincere. They work hard to the benefit of all concerned. They are good for art, music and understanding the thoughts and feelings of others. They are brilliant and analytical. They are concerned with social service rather than thinking of the self. They adjust well to the rhythms of social life and society conditions but do not give up old customs. They are not bothered about fame because fame follows them. They are good at negotiation and dealings. They are fond of traveling.

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8.Scorpio:      Top

It is the eighth sign of the zodiac sign. It is a watery sign. Moon is debilitated in Scorpio. Mars is the lord of the sign Scorpio. They are intelligent, graceful, and gentle. They have a passion in everything they involve and are very dedicated. They have very good analytical skills and can act as a good judge. They have aggressive power, which should be converted into courage and enthusiasm. At times they are short tempered as moon is debilitated and should practice yoga or meditation to keep their anger under control. In a month they will be brisk, active and energetic during the first fifteen days after the new moon period during the next half of the month i.e. after the full moon period, they will be tired, less energetic and active. If possible they can avoid taking important decisions during those period.

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9.Sagittarius:      Top

It is the ninth sign of the zodiac. It is a fiery sign. Jupiter is the lord of the sign Sagittarius. The native are noble, affable, jovial, influential and wise. They are good at decision-making and are capable of seeing the outcome of a result. They take time to make good friends and once they make, it will be of a long term. They are also interested in occult science, philosophy. They are known for their vision. They are very loyal to their close associates and are very attached. Eventhough they get anger, it will be short lived. They are also unselfish and fearless. Success, wealth and position will be achieved in their lifetime because of strong Jupiter. They will put maximum effort to earn a lot, but not to their satisfaction. They must take special care in selecting their business partner/s who are active. The enemies are usually powerful and remain with hatred for long durations and are mostly belonging to speculative or artistic class.

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10.Capricorn:      Top

It is the tenth sign of the of the zodiac. It is an earthy sign. Mars is exalted in Capricorn while Jupiter is debilitated. Saturn is the lord of the sign Capricorn. The native are too practical and lacking in sentiment. They seem to be very physical in the expression of their love. They never fall in love until they are sure that their love is reciprocated. Sometimes they are found to be very jealous. The more unselfish they are towards others, the greater will be their own happiness and popularity. They make a financial success of their lives. They find their own path to their goal. They face many difficulties in life. They should not waste time and energy. They should develop constructive works. They are capable of being successful leaders and can organise things. Success comes from sheer hard work.

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11.Aquarius:      Top

It is the eleventh sign of the zodiac. It is an airy sign. Saturn is the lord of the sign Aquarius. They live for humanity. They should never take the advice of others against their own intuition or judgement. Their greatest mistakes or misfortunes are likely to come through being misguided because of their desire to serve and because they lack confidence in them. They acquire knowledge with very little effort. They have logical minds. Their goal is to serve and they will give utmost priority for service. If they judge by their own intuition, they will rise to a higher level and they can be master of themselves. If they do this, nobody can stop Aquarians.

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12.Pisces:      Top

Pisces is the twelfth sign of the zodiac. It is a watery sign. Jupiter is the lord of the sign Pisces. The native are often unselfish, honest and follow clean path. They are absent mindedness and lose their possessions very easily. They are often misjudged or mistrusted. They lack self-confidence and are rarely successful when in business. They are imaginative. Intuitive, have more faith in their insight and into the future. They should not allow themselves to be over influenced by others. Donít give up in life. They should be wise enough to know better than others in life. In business they should play safe. They should make powerful friends and should against sudden reversals. They should not drink too much. They will see success in foreign lands. They must not do untried enterprise.
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